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Default Re: Is Buddy Rich REALLY the greatest drummer of all time?

Buddy is one the greatest musicians ever born. He deserves way more credit! If he would have played another instrument full time, it would be the greatest at that instrument. You can sit here and dig on his attitude or chops and say he over played or he was an asshole. Those people that say that have clearly not done their homework about Buddy. You have no clue what you're saying and are getting your information from ignorance. That's ok, because maybe these people will one day figure that out and learn how to actually listen to his music and learn to research. Also, read some articles from his family and friends and tell me he was an asshole.

Yes ..listening to music and being able to point out certain things in time, what the drummer is doing in relationship to the band, is something you learn over time in your life. Please take your time and listen. Go get some Buddy Rich albums and videos and watch, listen, and learn. Do it even if you don't like the music! It took me a lot of time to begin to HEAR what Buddy was doing and it wasn't chops!! It's nothing but pure emotion and in the zone. He took drumming to a level beyond anyone ever whether you like it or not.

On that note, some of his albums he put out were very simple drum parts and disco. Yeah buddy did an almost disco album. Or you could call it porn music.

I wish I was older and grew up with Buddy and the great players back then. What we have these days is shit. No substance, no music, and no feel. The great players these days are not in the spotlight. What does that tell you?-this is a major subject!

I also would like to ask why there are no drummers in the spotlight like Buddy? Why is there no other drummer in the world since Buddy that gets to that level? We have more tech, opportunity, and there is no draft! Where is the greatest? If you research his life and playing you will find the answers. Not YouTube bullshit
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