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Default Re: Is Buddy Rich REALLY the greatest drummer of all time?

Originally Posted by Texan View Post
I suspect that those who think BR was a one trick pony have never heard his brush work or his small combo recordings. I guess as the OP said that everyone from Peart to Weckl, plus others like John Bonham saying Buddy Rich is the greatest of all time just isn't good enough for some on this thread.

Sometimes the internet just blows my mind with attitudes about people who have worked hard to become bonafide masters. On Facebook, someone commented on the death of Ndugu Chancellor saying that anyone could have played the drums on Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. The best response to that from someone was (paraphrased) "He got the call, and he did it. You didn't. And not anyone could have done it".

This is the same case here (and any other discussion of people we may hold in high esteem. They did the work to get there. You didn't, and by nature of this, they got there first. It's not just technique and mastery of your instrument that gets you places (and we keep discussing that here). It's who you know, how you get along with them, and the interaction of the musicians you work with.

Does it matter that he couldn't have composed Tom Sawyer? Does it matter that his feet aren't what Mike Mangini's are? The fact is, Buddy became a bonafide drum star by being able to cut it with his contemporaries, and by being sociable enough to make lifelong career friends. This seems like a lot more than working hard to be a bedroom Youtube drummer, no? Which, by the way, is the majority of people you meet at NAMM. All those products? Being sold to the dreamers who dream about making it bigger than where they currently are.

I think it's cool that people have opinions, but it would be cooler if those people would look in the mirror first about where they're at before espousing an opinion on someone who made their music career the first thing in their lives, and to try to push along their craft. In fact, I've often noticed that people who are always working, are not on internet forums complaining about others. They're too busy working and playing music with other musicians.

This has happened in the past - remember when everyone complained about Hannah Ford? You know, the musician who got the gig playing for PRINCE? I'm pretty sure she wasn't busy worrying about what was said about her on Drummerworld. Heck, people say mean things about Lars Ulrich (still) or (insert any drummer you don't like). But you know, they're out there doing what they do. As we should all be doing. I'm going out right now.
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