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Default Re: Is Buddy Rich REALLY the greatest drummer of all time?

Well it's like watching Jeff Porcaro demonstrate his Roseanna shuffle-in the video he first does a Bonham and Purdie shuffle to demonstrate his developing his shuffle. Course he's got the mechanics of both-but it doesn't really sound like either. I often note those who sight read while they play-technically sound great but visually often seem lack luster. So I get where you are coming from. Tex listened to plenty of Buddy (I'm 62) and West Side Story-we did it in an orchestra I use to play so I listened to numerous versions by many including Buddy. Course the orchestra I was in didn't think the drum kit was front and center so it was always hold back. Like I said Buddy was a huge influence on me and I think he's a great drummer but "greatest" isn't terms I generally think. I was a scientist and I've never pondered who is the greatest scientist-it'd be what discipline, what question, what era, etc. Plenty of greats but "greatest" seems too subjective. It's difficult too cause drummers like Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, and others muddy the waters with great drumming. I'm a huge Tony Williams fan too-and not giving him a nod just seems wrong-then too he died relatively young while he was still an evolving drummer expanding drum horizons. But in general terms neither Tony or Elvin really had the name recognition and general popularity as Buddy so I see how people generally weigh the question-but if you start asking drummers then plenty of great drummers state Tony was the most phenomenal drummer they'd ever seen live. It would be interesting to do a scientific poll with categories of pointed questions to objectively measure "greatness" as defined by questionnaire. I bet the general population might say Buddy Rich, but asking musicians or drummers you will definitely run into differences I wager.
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