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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Nick ……….Also go by "Oliver Clothesoffe"! (No s***!)
age? 44.

how long been playing? 27 years.

origin of user name? I was in a band called Nick Danger back before wife and family. There were actually 3 Nicks in that band. Played with then for 5 Years, 4 nights a week. And is where I cut my semi professional teeth so to speak.

top 5 drummers?

Neil Peart
Carl Palmer
Tommy Aldridge
John Blackwell
Dave Abbruzzese……….. “The list is long” hard to keep it to “5”.

make of drumkit? Which one? Remo, Premier, TAMA. I want a DW but the ball and chain has other plans...Lottery is my best bet for those.

make of cymbal? Prefer Zildjians But I have broken Sabian and Paiste as well.

where do you practice? Basement studio.

are you in a band/s? currently. “Another very long list”

covers or originals? Covers... I wanna get paid ya know?!

what style of music? Hard Rock, Classic Industrial, Metal, Blues.

favorite take out food? Cold case Heinekin.

country? USA

one really odd fact about yourself? I like playing Guitar….

how did you start drumming? As a kid there was a garage band (no name) up the street. We had just moved in to the neighborhood from West Philly. There was a band playing and they just blew me away. Especially the drummer. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of what he was doing. And I knew after seeing them that’s what I wanted to do for a living. Didn’t quite work out that way however.

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