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Originally Posted by CASP3Rdrummer
thank you for your worrying . i was borned in 1991 and i was very small when the war began . when nato bombarded us in 1998 we left and now we live in greece since then .

you know whats funny . my old drum teacher here in greece was in yugoslavia on the music festival that you played and he remembered it .
that's grea Casp! Greece is nice (I hear! - haven't been there yet)
Amazing that your old teacher remembers that! Though we probably did stick out a bit with our American confidence of that time. I remember hanging out alot with Jim Beard and Joe Zawinul more than anything about that - that is... that's what I remember besides the social aspects of being in Yugo then. It was weird there - obviously about to explode. Lots of tension - lots of nervous citizens... most unfortunate.
Glad you are doing well now - at least you aren't at risk.
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