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Originally Posted by tambian89 You have an odd obsession with "pwning"........

Anyway.....Let's talk about his drummin ing the "golden years". I really thought Lars' drumming on Kill 'Em All was not too bad, considering that he really hadn't been drumming too long. However, I noticed several times on the album that he both rushed and lagged on certain cymbal crashes that were meant to match the bass guitar("Whiplash"), and I wasn't too keen on his grooves.

Ride the Lightning saw a jump not only in Metallica's song structure and style, but a leap in Lars' drumming capabilities. His double bassing got faster and he became a better time keeper. My only complaint is the fills, which were not at the same level as the rest of Lars' drumming.

Master of Puppets revealed that Lars' drumming could match the aggressive style of the rest of the band. The drum fills were not bad, but didn't improve much from those he used on Ride the Lightning.

...And Justice for All, which marked then end of Metallica's years as a Thrash and Speed Metal group, had good, complex grooves, and grinding rhythm, but again the fills were sub-par. However, the opening groove for "Harvester of Sorrow" had a very interesting polyrhythm (yes, Lars' used a polyrhythm. He is playing 8th notes with his right hand and quarter notes with his left, while his feet play 16th notes in differentiating patterns).

- Marc
If there were a reputation system on this forum I would give you a massive boost right now!
I totally agree with you. Exept on Ride the lightning: 'fight fire with fire' has some great fills!
But you really should see past Metallica and just listen to the music they made after the Black album.. Just listen to the music and don't care about it beeing Metallica. He actually has some good "moves" (brakes\fills) on Load aswell:)
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