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Originally Posted by Superlow
I can sort of understanding bashing on some of the more famous drummers who lack the some of the basics that make for jaw dropping drumming...Ie Meg White and Nicco from the Velvet Undergroud. But seriously... People have the gall to talk smack about Vinnie. The guy is a monster and his resume shows it. He was one of the lucky guys to have gotten the opportunity to play with Frank Zappa and Sting and although they are not my favorite artists, they happen to be some of the most demanding guys when it come to having a talented drummer backing the band. I know you are free to voice your opinion but it's very plain to see that Vinnie is an incredible drummer. He can adapt to any style of music seemlessly. He plays with an engery, power, and finesse that most professionals don't even come close to. It's OK to dislike someones drumming, but to put an argument against his drumming watching a 20 year old drum battle with your opinions is arrogant. You're reaching for straws at this point.
I'm not arguing his resume, his ability to back a band or his ability to play with energy and power. I admit that I havent watched or listend to as much of Vinnie playing as most of you, but i've listened enough to get some kind of understanding of what his solo's are like, which I was critisizing.

"That whole show was layed out that way: Gadd as the groovemaster, the rest playing over it with Weckl beeing the one for the flow and dynamics and Vinnie beeing the one for the crazyness and pure energy. And all of them do their job just right!"

I wouldnt disagree with that.
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