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Originally Posted by dawg
that's fine if a drummer can cop all of neil's licks in a rush cover band...they have a pattern set out for them. but neil COMPOSED those parts(and most lyrics, other percussion parts,etc.) himself...that's called creativity,my friend.
How easy it is to forget that mastering someone's licks is good but does one have the technique and creativity to take a blank sheet and compose and master those parts on their own....

For the life of me I NEVER thought I'd see the day where words like sloppy and over-rated would be used to describe Neal's playing...

Goin to all those concerts back in the day and seeing the effect this man had on the audience is undescribable...The Forum would light up and you would see thousands of people air-drumming the licks of Tom Sawyer and YYZ etc...

Of course his licks can be executed - the bar has been raised....but please remember hes one of the reasons the bar has been raised...
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