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I have been listening tyo slipknot since the first album came out and i would like to say that although chris and shawn are essential to the bands stage show they are not really needed for percussion purposes.

If you look at the video on joeys section of drummerworld and watch the clip where they play heretic anthem on SNL you will hear how raw and aggressive it sounds without the timpany and other backing percussion.

I love slipknot as much as anyone here (although iowa left something to be desired, but all was made up for volume 3, i f**cking love that album) however i feel that chris and shawn are only neccesary for backing vocals the majority of the time (i cant remember which track it is but on one track they have a screaming call and answer thing which sounds amazing! it might be track 3 but i am probably wrong) and stage performance. The percussion is only required in a few songs, ie pulse of the maggots with the beer keg.

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