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Well.... If you know that he didn't play only rolls, then just don't write it:

Originally Posted by Buddha
After watching the Vinnie, Dave and Steve battle and some of his other vids it made me realize how overrated Vinne is. All I watched him do in his solo's was roll variations all over the place, he had no creavitity, feel, groove or anything that showed me he thinks about what he's doing when he soloing.
I don't want to be misunderstood here: It is fine not to like his style, but it is another thing to bash people. And that is what you did in your first sentence. If you would have thrown in gan "IMO" somewhere in that passage, everything would have been cool, but that way it sounded like you wanted to claim something like: "Vinnie sucks and everybody around here just doesn't get it, because they are all ignorant fools that only pay attention to speed."

And just for the record: I am a HUGE Vinnie fan, I know. But in this certain battle I like Gadd best. Don't forget: This battle was arranged in a certain way with Gadd beeing something like the Godfather or drumming and his "young and wild children" Weckl and Vinnie playing around Gadds stuff. Both Weckl and Vinnie have Gadd as one of their biggest idols (especially Weckl) and were supposed to be playing fast and flashy. That whole show was layed out that way: Gadd as the groovemaster, the rest playing over it with Weckl beeing the one for the flow and dynamics and Vinnie beeing the one for the crazyness and pure energy. And all of them do their job just right!
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