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Man.... We are talking about Vinnie here - there is no room whatsoever for any debate when it comes to his creativity and his Groove and Feel. And btw yes: You came on VERY negative - why should I bother enlightning you, when basically what you said was negative crap?

But do do it: If you really think that his solos are boring / rhythmically not interesting, then obviously you just didn't understand them. Of course - he is playing fast and it is very flashy, but inside all this fast stuff there are such deep rhythmic structures, little metic shifts, use of different note values and phrasings. Just check out some solo-transcriptions of him and you'll find out soon, just how much stuff is in there. All the things that other people are talking about and practising - Vinnie is just doing them.

Why do you think is he the No. 1 Session player in World? Why is every club in LA sold out months before the gig, when Vinnie plays? Why do you see drummers like Weckl, Donati, Phillips or Chmabers at these gigs (and you do see them there and they listen in awe)? Because he cannot solo???? Are these drummers also just ignorant and just want to see speed and flashiness like the audience of the mentioned drum-battle?

If you can say one thing about Vinnie, it is that rhythmically he is probably THE most creative drummer who ever touched the surface of this planet. In solos, in grooves in anything that is related to drumming.

I saw him play very very often and each time I was knocked out. I own dozens of records with him playing on them and I've transcribed tons of them and I still get knocked out when I listen to them again. You just sounded like a guy who watched some Vids and then thinks that he is mr. know-it-all.

Common man, you claimed, that the audience was ignorant (while they cheer the loudest, when Gadd plays the mozambique groove), that Vinnie only played rolls (just plain wrong), has no Feel, Groove and doesn't think about what he is playing.

And then you act surprised when people reply sarcastic and don't refute your points in a debate? Gimme a break.

BTW: You do not have to feel sorry for me. I'm fine, thank you. I'd do better though, if less BS was posted I have to admit.

BTW II: Yes, you are absolutely free to not like Vinnies Solos. You may hate them to death if you like. But it is another thing to claim things that are just wrong because then you are no longer talking about opinions.

BTW III: Just like you, I am a very positive person as you can see by my other posts. After all: Only positive persons around here. Lets chill for the moment.
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