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Originally Posted by Buddha
After watching the Vinnie, Dave and Steve battle and some of his other vids it made me realize how overrated Vinne is.
Wow - you seem to know a whole lot about Vinne. Actually, you sound like a Vinnie-professional! You've already checked out at least 5 Vids with Vinnie - thats amazing. I am blown away by the amount of research you've put into that one post. Great. Keep it up!

Originally Posted by Buddha
All I watched him do in his solo's was roll variations all over the place, he had no creavitity, feel, groove or anything that showed me he thinks about what he's doing when he soloing. Also his solo's are allways the same thing....but in slightly different ways.
Hey - you're not only a Vinnie-listening professional, but also a professional drummer! How else would you be able to analize Vinnies solos so deeply just by watching them a few times?? Maybe you should give Vinnie your number so that he will be able to take a lesson with you. I'm sure that you can tell him interesting things about Groove and Feel. But I have to warn you: You will not succeed in turning him into a creative person. He is just not it, but who am I telling this to? You knew about this already for sure!

Originally Posted by Buddha
PS- Somthing that pissed me off in the battle was that after everytime Vinnie did his little solo, the fans allways cheered, but when Dave or Steve did, they didn't. I'm pretty sure the reason for this is because ignorant people who dont play the drums can only appreciate speed and can't appreactate the works of art displayed by the other two drummers.
Yeah.... It is a real pitty that you were not there. You would have showed these ignorant fools in the audience!

I'm asking myself: Why the hell do I even bother about your post? It is just so amazingly wrong and plain arrogant.... wow! I've said this in a few other threads before, but it is actually people like you that make me hate this board and that make me want to leave it.

Look, this could be such a cool place: People sharing their knowledge and their passion for drumming and and for drummers. People sharing. People getting into positive discussions. But what happens way too often is, that people who have nothing to say or to add to threads just throw in their nonsense to start off discussions or to provoke other people. Why cannot everybody just accept it, when people - like Vinnie or any other great drummer - do great things on the drums?? Is your self-esteem really that low that your afraid to admit that other people are actually better than yourself or your personal heroes??

I just don't get it. There is so much greatness in this world. Why not just enjoy it, maybe - if you like - learn from it and be real happy about it?

Maybe some people just have to get a few years older.
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