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Default Re: Sean Reinert!!

Sean Reinert is on my A-list, no doubt about it. He blows my mind, the way he combines sheer aggression - some in-your-face double bass phrases- with some swinging yet solid fills... it's pure genius.
Actually, being an extreme-metal fan, I love Cynic in general because they don't sacrifice their "edge" for the sake of technical achievement. When Sean plays something aggressive, he sounds like he means it, and plays it "with honesty" not because he thinks he should' ve...
It has to do with dynamics, I guess but I'm not someone to tell for sure anyway...

I was also glad to read that Sean Reinert is among the self-admitted infulencies of Chris Pennie of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

I love Cynic (and Death) but I haven't heart anything from Aghora. I know their not quite close to metal but anyone tell me about Reinert's drumming? Is it "softer" so as to fit for the music in Aghora?
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