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Originally Posted by Buddha
After watching the Vinnie, Dave and Steve battle and some of his other vids it made me realize how overrated Vinne is. All I watched him do in his solo's was roll variations all over the place, he had no creavitity, feel, groove or anything that showed me he thinks about what he's doing when he soloing. Also his solo's are allways the same thing....but in slightly different ways. On the other hand Dave's & Steve's solos were nicley put together and had some sort of feel to them that it was like they had an identity. That said I dont think Vinnie is a bad drummer by any means, obviously he knows how to play, but I think I could find a drummer from every town in the world that i'd enjoy listening to more than Vinnie.

PS- Somthing that pissed me off in the battle was that after everytime Vinnie did his little solo, the fans allways cheered, but when Dave or Steve did, they didn't. I'm pretty sure the reason for this is because ignorant people who dont play the drums can only appreciate speed and can't appreactate the works of art displayed by the other two drummers.
Yeah man, well they cheered because VINNIE TOTALLY MURDERED! He knows what people want and they cheer when he does it. And o my god, you think vinnie plays the same thing all the time because you DO NOT understand rhythmic theory. He is so far out there, that I guarantee none of us are even comprehending 100% of what hes doing when hes even just bouncing a few quarter notes.
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