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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

On tour I use one kit (no triggers) and one set of cymbals. The tuning and cymbal sounds are fairly generic so they mesh well with everything we play. My live sound doesn't need to be quite as specific as the studio tracks, so there's some leeway.

I'd considered samples for each song in order to be completely true to the original vibe. After all, the guitar, bass & keyboard players change patches as needed. But there are too many potential problems with relying on triggers/pads for a main kit. If a trigger breaks or a cable goes bad, let's say on the snare, that sound is gone, essentially until the problem can be troubleshooted and cables/pads replaced. With a live kit and mics, if the snare mic goes out, the overheads and vocal mic will still pick it up... the sound doesn't vanish.

I can't think of anyone who uses an electronic or triggered kit onstage with complete success. Even one glitch is one too many.

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