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Originally Posted by HardRockDrummer
I'm not sure wearing cool hats has anything to do with anything, but i agree with you. he plays AWESOME drums.

i found Stadium Arcadium to be a little disappointing. in some of the ballady stuff, chad's restrained to keep an ordinary beat throughout, and it's dull and unimaginative (She Looks To Me). but i have to say, some of the songs are REALLY funky and great. anyone who doesn't love Readymade should reconsider being a Chilis fan at all. Turn It Up Again's also great I think. I don't like Hard To Concentrate, it just sounds like any other pop song.

Chilis jamming at concert is brilliant. they can communicate by just playing their instruments.
i read the recent interview on Modern Drummer Magazine, and he sounds like a real humble guy compared to his status.

Who else likes Soul Mover?
I think Soul Mover is an excellent album. I can't wait for Music For The Divine. But I found Stadium Arcadium to be an amazing album. They definitely had the perfect balance between their funk and pop stuff. They've ALL grew so much as musicians. I think Readymade and Wet Sand are my favorites, but I also LOVE Hard to Concentrate, Snow, and Charlie. Have you noticed the great old school rock feel that Strip My Mind has?
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