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Originally Posted by MrCrazy
After Modern Drummer 05 I thought he was way over-rated. I mean everything he does isn't that impressive.
I'm sorry, but that post is idiotic. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but that's my opinion. Drums were never created as a way to impress people. They're a musical istrument. If there's anything Chad does extremely well, it's making a song feel good. Every Chili Peppers song I've heard has a DYNAMITE feel to it. No wonder he's working with artists like Glenn Hughes and the Dixie Chicks. Chad is starting to become a pretty in-demand studio musician.

How could you base your judgement on Chad by what he did at the MD Fest? He went out there, to entertain people and have a good time, and I'll tell you, Ian and him were the most entertaining act of them all.

Chad is a musician. not a drummer. He plays for the song. Sure, there's guys out there that can play rings around Chad, but saying that he's not impressive is almost laughable. Have you ever seen him in clinic? Have you ever gone to a Chili Pepper's show? Obviously not, because your opinion would be different.

I find it ironic that people worship Bonham, but seem to overlook Chad's talent. No disrespect to Bonham, he was a key figure in drum history, but I believe Chad is too.
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