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[quote=Breadmonkey]I really dislike him for several reasons:

1) His objection to Napster and similar file sharing programs. If it wasn't for tape swapping in the eighties no-one would ever have heard of metallica, so in my opinion biting the hand that feeds you.

2) Sure, if you like their style the drums sound great...... after thirty takes. He cannot deliver the goods in a live situation as he does not have the technical ability to play his own stuff outside of a studio without having plenty of time to get it right.

3) I know people have admitted that he is not the most technical drummer in the world. Its entirely his fault he doesn't get much respect anymore from the drumming community. If he didn't let his ego grow into the out of control monster it has become he would say to himself "hang on i need to work on my technique so i can play better", but no he doesn't do this. So when it comes to show time, instead of playing what you hear on the albums, nice, even, properly done double bass work, you get him just hitting the double bass pedal as fast as he can, which some may say is rockin and intense but its not, it shows lack of control and ability and shows him up for the fraud he is.

4) while i found the black album to be very interesting and inventive, none of the other albums really blew me away, again his ego telling him that he doesn't need to try because he's lars ulrich.

****** END OF RANT*********[quote]
he may have an ego but it does mean he is a bad drummer, remember in the 80s most drummers didnt even play double bass, but he did, most drummers had a big ass kit just to play super easy drum beats(KISS drummer) that proves lars is a kickass drummer
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