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Ok all you Niel basher's stand back... I have the most respect for that man. Niel as I know him. I come from his home town and have breathed the same air and went to the same high school, my own dad claim's to have gone to school as him. So comming from me as I know it he would spend hours upon hours in the garage making what now seems only other peoples opinion but this man is a real drummer, he feel's and breathes the music he play's to and make's few mistakes, a real born to be drummer, when most of us only dream to play as good or equal, this only happens to few people in life and he made drumming much more interesting to everybody. for this alone he deserves not to be judged. Thanks to Niel, Buddy, and all the greats. we all have somthing to strive for but keep in mind drumming is different for every one of us and learn to appreciate the beauty of the art itself, thanks Niel! for all your inspiration. Hope we can all jam one day soon, peace!
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