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Originally Posted by the skin man
And the other 164 posts on this thread have been made by people making points about their opinions. I think the real lesson here is don't say anything that might annoy the Neil Peart fans because they are very dedicated.
It doesn't annoy me to say that he is over-rated, I was just stating my opinion on why I think he isn't over-rated. But if you make a statement that saying every 1 out of 5 drummers from Berklee or any music school can do what he does, just sounds like you are discrediting his playing and that any drummer can be just as good, just because they went to music school. My ex-lead guitarist graduated from Berklee Music School and he would be the last to tell you, "that one in five of us guitarist that graduated from here, can play like Joe Satrianni" for example. Those words would never come out of his mouth.

There is one other thing you forget that Neil does, he composes songs, writes just about all the bands lyrics, does just about every piece of percussion himself when playing live while keeping outstanding time. I mean some of his drumming may not be as techinically challenging to a more advanced drummer, but to be able to pull it off live managing that many different aspects is incredible. I have seen RUSH perform at least 22 times live and I have never left there saying "Neil just wasn't on tonight!" I leave their shows still saying "after all these years when I thought he couldn't get any better he does." And remember RUSH is just main job he can play different styles of music check out either one of his Burning For Buddy CD's where all the great drummers play with the Buddy RIch Band. In fact all drummers should have both of those CD's in their collection.

It's like Travis Barker I'm not a big fan and thought he was getting too much hype, but I also like to think of myself as an open minded person, so I listened to more blink 182 stuff and came away saying, I'm still not a blink 182 fan, but I respect his playing much more than I did before. I don't know if he will ever be a Weckl or Smith or Couliatta but I also know that he deserves most of the accolades he gets for his playing.
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