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Neil's influence is huge and maybe not from a technical standpoint, but he made a lot of guys pick up sticks and want to play and probably made others stop playing.
But that's different. How much he inspired other people to play and how well known he is are not the same things as how much ability he has. Those are two different ways of looking at a drummer.

And also RUSH is huge for a reason and he is huge part of that, they would not be RUSH with any of the guys you mentioned before him, because they would not have played the songs the way he did.
I'm not saying he doesn't do stuff that other rock drummers don't do, because obviously he does far more than the average rock drummer and obviously he is creative in a way that makes a lot of musical sense. But I think Dave Weckl is a far better rock drummer than Neil Peart from what I've seen. If we could go back in time and stick Dave Weckl in Rush would the drumming have been as good? Who knows? But that's a very hypothetical question.

Before you go discredit his playing, a lot of pro drummers became pro's because of his influence. He isn't overrated, he never went to drum magazines begging to be chosen best rock drummer in the years he was.
He is overrated because everyone says he has more ability than everyone else, which is not true. His real claim to fame is his fame itself.

One more thing any Berklee drummers think that their playing will ever be on 21-24 platinum selling albums, 2 instructional dvd's, at least 4 concert videos, thousands of live shows and be one of the most influential drummers of all time, since you can do anything he can?...LOL.
That's because he is more well known than them, not because he has more ability. And is it really that many Rush albums? I have a bunch of them, but I don't remember there being quite that many.

Also since you say Berklee drummers can do anything he can, the biggest question is CAN YOU DO 50% of what he can?
No, I can't even come close to playing the way Neil Peart does. But I'm being totally honest when I say he is overrated. I've heard so many people say stuff like "Neil Peart is the greatest drummer of all time" and unless they say exactly what they mean by that, I really don't think that's an accurate statement. If anyone were to take an honest look at it, they would have to admit that there are many ways in which other drummers surpass him.
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