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Default Re: Alex Riel here!

Jesper played on it?! Wow, I know a fair bit about you Danes too, but I NEVER knew he played! It was a really nice and quiet take of a pretty tune for sure. You don;t have a duo version of it, do you? I'd love to hear that as well!

The Paiste Dark Energies are good, I think. I don't have any (I only have Traditionals) but I've played a few. So they're a cross between the Signature series and the Traditionals, so they say. They're dark and dirty sounding with a bit of trashiness, at least the ones I tried were (I only tried rides-20" ones). The 'Mark I's are lighter and darker and I prefer those. Still, you guys with all those old 602's and Sound Creation's have it made (by the way, send any old cymbals you don't want this way!=)

I checked out the Cowbell Music site, but aside from the graphics, I couldn't read it...I DID manage to see some profiles on you guys and some discographies, looks like a comprehensive label (from what I can tell which admittedly, isn't much!)

As soon as I can round up some money, I'm going to start hunting for the DVD for sure. I'll let you know if I have trouble finding it!

As far as coming to Canada, I can forward you some dates for festival submissions if you want, or to your booking agent or whomever.(they'd need to be next year though- this years are obviously booked)

Let me know and thanks again!
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