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Originally Posted by the skin man
Drummers like Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Adam Nussbaum, Chad Wackerman and Jack DeJohnette completely and totally blow Neil Peart away. It doesn't matter if they're not rock drummers and he is. Neil Peart has to be one of the most overrated drummers of all time. I'd bet at least one in five drummers that graduates from the Berklee of music every year can do everything that Neil Peart can do including the odd time. The only difference is he's in huge band that's been huge for a long time and they're not.
Very intelligent post on your part and I'm quite sure all of those guys feel the same way, actually they all sit around saying how the blow Neil Peart away! I am a huge RUSH fan anything they have ever done I have it on tape, cd, video or dvd. At one time I thought he was by far the best drummer to ever been born but as I got older and more involved in drumming I realized that yes there were more technically skilled drummers, but I never ever tried to discount what he meant to drummers world wide and to rock musicians in general. Neil's influence is huge and maybe not from a technical standpoint, but he made a lot of guys pick up sticks and want to play and probably made others stop playing. He is probably just as well known as Buddy Rich is, to people who are not musicians. Meaning when people used to say who is the best drummer ever, they would answer "that guy who plays for that band RUSH, who has the lead singer with the irritating voice!"...LOL

And also RUSH is huge for a reason and he is huge part of that, they would not be RUSH with any of the guys you mentioned before him, because they would not have played the songs the way he did. Before you go discredit his playing, a lot of pro drummers became pro's because of his influence. He isn't overrated, he never went to drum magazines begging to be chosen best rock drummer in the years he was. And don't confuse being influential with being the best all it means is, he inspired guys to play and maybe not exactly his style but he made them want to play drums. I know for me personally after I heard Exit Stage Left, it made me take drumming more seriously than I ever had before. I'm not saying his drum solo on YYZ was ever the best solo, but it is by far the most popular.

One more thing any Berklee drummers think that their playing will ever be on 21-24 platinum selling albums, 2 instructional dvd's, at least 4 concert videos, thousands of live shows and be one of the most influential drummers of all time, since you can do anything he can?...LOL.

Also since you say Berklee drummers can do anything he can, the biggest question is CAN YOU DO 50% of what he can??
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