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Originally Posted by balboa
I am seeking out other Rush fans to see which songs they feel are the greatest, in terms of orchestration, and chops. Which songs do you feel, and or albums, showed Peart at his peak.
To be honest, I don't consider myself a Rush fan at all anymore. I was into them when I first started drumming in the mid-80's and I got a lot of inspiration from their 70's and early 80's output, but they don't do it for me personally now. Anything post-Signals is tough for me to deal with. However, I do have respect for them as players, as all-around good guys and as survivors. I also owe a big debt to them for my early development musically, I'm just not into the Rush thing anymore. BUT ... the time I would've said Hemispheres. The band arrangements as a whole and Neil's drumming in particular are interesting. I think Moving Pictures rocks more overall, but in that different "every-song-on this-album-could-possibly-be-a-single" kind of way.


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