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Originally Posted by jazzgregg

So the ghost track on the CD, 'Tears in Heaven', right? Who played guitar on it? Interesting choice to include it, needless to say I was surprised.
I always liked that tune. And so a few days after we'd finished the cd-recording I asked the guys if we could record that one as well .. and just see what we could make out of it. Turned out that the pianist had just broken his arm (!!!) so he obviously couldn't play. So Jesper Lundgaard (the bass player) and I sat down just the two of us to record it as a duo. Then Jesper suddenly decided to pick up his guitar and play that part as well! Pretty amazing I think, since the guy hasn't played guitar in public for 30 years and nobody knows he can!!! Even the most hardcore Danish jazz experts haven't been able to guess he's in fact the guitarist on that track.
It obviously turned out to be less "jazzier" than the rest of the tracks .. so we decided to include it as a ghost track, just for fun.

That reminds me, how do you feel about Paiste's new Dark Energy cymbals?
To be honest I haven't even tried them out? Are they good?

Is there a specific distributor for Cowbell Music, online or otherwise?
It's a fairly new Danish record company, and I like them a lot. I don't even think their website has an English version yet but here it is anyway: Very nice and helpful people there, so don't hesitate to email them if you have any questions. They'll be releasing the Phil Woods CD I mentioned in a few days I think. If you are into 80s fusion let me recommend the "Santa Cruz" recording .. great bunch of musicians on that one!

Wish I was in Copenhagen to check out all the stuff you're doing (especially Lisa on both yours and OZJazzer's high reccomendations-I'm going to try and pick up the DVD you mentioned).
Yeah, Copenhagen Jazz Festival is a great festival.
Let me know what you guys think of the "Between A Smile And A Tear" DVD if you buy it. And also, let me know if you have trouble finding it ... maybe I can help.

Too bad you aren't in Canada this festival season, how about next year? You guys can all stay at my house=)
I'd LOVE to go to Canada. It's been a looong time since I was there with a prog-rockish band called "Savage Rose". Beautiful country. No plans yet of going ... but maybe some day in some constellation. Feel free to recommend me over there!!

Thanks as always Alex,
Back at ya'

Best wishes
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