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Bonzo..The reason I started playing drums seriously in the first place..I started playing on cardboard boxes in my parents bedroom..pie pans nailed to broom handles for cymbals..we were poor..that was in 1969 after playing snare drum in school for 2 years I herad Led Zep I..WOW..I wasnt able to afford my own kit so I played on a few friends until 1976 when I was in the Navy and bought a Ludwig Blue Vistalite 8 piece kit..still have it today..I immediately started learning Zep songs and realized right away that I had an offbeat rhythm..Bonhams style of playing came quite easy for cause of that but man he was fast and I remember when I was trying to learn Moby Dick the live version I kept smacking my left wrist really hard with the right stick..I developed a knot the size of a golf ball from hitting so hard and so many times but I eventually got the whole solo down and loved every second of learning it including the pain.. AS for his sound if you tune the resionant heads a couple complete turns higher that the batter head which is set at medium tension then the drums really come to life..Acrylic drums are a little touchy to tune but are by far the best sounding drums I have ever played.. Years ago I took all the bottom heads off all my toms and things really opened up.. I loved John Bonham and I miss him greatly.. Like I said he has been my inspiration for 40 years of drumming..whenever I feel my head swelling a little and get a little cocky..I play Moby Dick Live and I humbly bow in retreat..Yeh I'm good..Real good..But Bonham if he was still alive would still kick my ass..then smile and say..try that!!!
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