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Default Re: The Reverend

Originally Posted by Johnny_Stacks
I love the reverend. But if you try to search him on the internet you can find close to nothing on him. and i do think he is an extremly underrated drummer also. i still dont see why people have not taken notice of him. hes amazing. i would love to see some solos of him on here!!!

- John
you're right, the rev is underatted, but please, can we who love his playing not overate him!
A7X are cool, yeah, whoever posted about in "blinded in chains" with the feet rudiments, (sory can't remeber who it was), that bit is cool, it put a smile on my face first time i listened to it. The whole album is really cool. And also whoever posted about the "horrible snare and bass tuning" i like his snare and bass, they help his unique sound, just Vinnie pauls drums helped him with his. It might a bit of a studio/eq thing i don't know.

yeah bernhard, please make a profile for the rev (jimmy sullivan not jhonny christ as i already know someone pointed out earlier, jhonny christ is the bassist)

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