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Im a huge Rush fan, and avid drummer, with many albums and songs under my belt. As with any musician, our orchestrations, style, and musicianship mature over time. Seeing that Rush has been around for 30 some years, one can see the maturation process which has taken place over the 3 decades. My question to all of you is : what albums do you feel really feature Neil Peart at his peak of complexity and tastefullness? Or even what songs from certain albums feature these traits. I like all the 70's, 80's, 90's and latest drumming, but certain songs really stand out. Songs like Cignus X1 from Hemispheres, Jacobs Ladder from Permenant Waves, Marathon and Middletown Dreams from Power Windows, Peaceable Kingdom and Ceiling Unlimited from Vapor Trails, Chemistry and The Weapon from Signals. My list could go on forever and include every song! But what parts in songs, and what songs do all of you really respect and why?
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