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Default Regarding Heel Toe

Now,when i ask this,please dont get me wrong.Im not one of those types of people who tried doing the HeelToe for 5 seconds and said ''Cant do it,my feet are to big''.

My feet are seriously too big,i can do heel toe on my old Tama HP200 without any shoes QUITE well (Why quite and not very?Because my toes are against the chain). Now,when i try to do it with my shoes on it just becomes impossible.You know that thing that in the end of the pedal,where you supposedly put your heel when playing heeldown?Well,my foot ends there when the nose of my shoe is against the chain already.

So,thats my quetion/rant.For awhile i heard there was a video that showed a way to do it without having your foot completely on the board.Anyone know of that or any other tips on Heeltoe'ing with big feet?

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