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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

My drumhomepage

real name?
Currently 16
how long been playing?
Started when i was about 10-11
origin of user name?
basketball(a streetballer, i just chose it and stuck with it ever since)
top 5 drummers?
gadd, chaffee, airto, elvin, dejohnette
make of drumkit?
sonor designer bubinga's
make of cymbal?
ufip designer
where do you practice?
used to be in my basement of my old house, now i currently have a special loft over the garage of my new house so i can practce any time of day, even 1 o clock in the morning without disturbing anyone
are you in a band/s?
play with my dad and brother who play guitar, otherwise im currently being taught
what style of music?
im into everything, i like to play jazz and latin mainly but rock is always fun to play.
favourite take out food?
i guess pizza
united states
how did you start drumming?
first started on lessons on guitar with my dad but wanted to be able to play with him so thats when i showed a real interest in drums

my drum homepage
Sonor Drums
Ufip Cymbals
Vic Firth Sticks
Remo Heads