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Default Re: Alex Riel here!

Thanks for the reply!
I'll check at Steeplechase to see about the Dorham and Dex stuff, but if they're unreleased recordings, I NEED to buy them!

So the ghost track on the CD, 'Tears in Heaven', right? Who played guitar on it? Interesting choice to include it, needless to say I was surprised. Glad to hear about the 602-looking forward to hear it on some recordings! That reminds me, how do you feel about Paiste's new Dark Energy cymbals?

Is there a specific distributor for Cowbell Music, online or otherwise?

Thanks for giving the update on the Riel activities! The Woods/Koppel CD sounds very cool, where can I buy it?
Wish I was in Copenhagen to check out all the stuff you're doing (especially Lisa on both yours and OZJazzer's high reccomendations-I'm going to try and pick up the DVD you mentioned). Too bad you aren't in Canada this festival season, how about next year? You guys can all stay at my house=)

Thanks as always Alex,
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