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Originally Posted by oliverlawford
I really been into listening to the great jeff porcaro playing with Toto and have been really inspired by his amazing playing...

I was wondering if anyone could tell of other albums, bands, etc of which jeff has played with so i can further check him out and study his playing and hear the legend in action...


I'm also very exited about Jeff's wonderful playing and have some records he've done with several artist (among them all). I highly recomend that you check out the stuf he did in the mid-70's with Steely Dan, that's really colourful and musical playing. Another record is "Take It To Heart" with the vocalist Michael McDonald, wonderful musicmanship with (offcourse) Jeff on drums and Abe Laboriel on bass and guitarist Michael Landau. He've also done some great work with Larry Carlton that i like. Check out Michael Jackson's "Thriller", too. Though this is a real best-seller and what you hear is simply the pure and wonderful voice of Jeff Porcaro.

But try to check out this by your own, a great site is Here you can find a complete list av all studio gigs he've done; what tunes he plays on, the release year and so on. Great site! I guess you've looked on this site and at the same time have downloaded the short film clips. They're tooken from his drum instruction video (released in 1989) and it's teriffic.

God luck and God bless!
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