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Wow. What a show, Los Lonley Boys blew me away. Ringo Garza is really solid, i love that. The only thing i wasn't likein, (me just bein a lil' technical), his over-use of the crashes, in took away from his grooves. Overall A performance, and I would gladly see them again.
Now to D.C. The beginning of Santana's set was a lil off for me. Although everyone was on que, the sound at the ampitheatre was a bit off. I couldn't hear the drums from D.C., but could clearly hear the latin percussionist, sorry forgot his name, but it steadily got better until it reached the climax for my experience there. THE DRUM SOLO. Dennis is the man. haha. His single foot technique, and use of the highats was perfect. His timing, perfect, the sound of his drums, PERFECT. He got the crowd movin let me tell you haha.
I'm sorry i cant tell you what song they open'd up with, but they did play a lot of classics, and dennis's performance A+! I loved it, and was really wanting to meet him after the show, but none of my friends wanted to wait and see if they would come out so we left, plus it was late so i didn't get home till bout 2 a.m.
Peace out

ps. Does anyone know if Dennis Chambers puts anything in his bass drum, cause it was booooooooomy. (i couldn't see, seeing as i was looking at his drums from the right side the whole time).
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