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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Hey steve Ive been reading this thread with great interest and think its awesome for you to take time to answer all the questions!! Tommy was one of 2 drummers who really inspired me at a young age to become the musician i am today {the other was myron grombacher} and they were the reason I began to use paiste cymbals so obviously being the geek i am i was bummed when tommy made the switch and i never did see the post with a more in depth explanation of why. You mentioned support which for all our non-profesional drummers out there means "money" and him wanting to go in a different direction. I truly understand both. Hell ive about owned every make of cymbals out there. But what must be said and again being the geek i am Tommy lee's style of playing I feel is much like John Bonhams, huge beats and even Bigger grooves and I cant even imagine trying to figure out what a zildjian would sound like on zep alblum, why would you? I would probably puke. I feel personally that not only style, but an undeniable and unique sound is what makes a legend , Im just bummed that tommy's cymbals are no longer going to be as big as his beats...and with all due respect, will sound like well, like everone elses.
Thats just my opinion though.What does Tommy think?
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