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Default Re: Eloy Casagrande: 14 year old drummer

All you guys have no ear! This kid is playing a fascinating Brazilian drumming, some samba, batucada and all kind of Latin stuff. The clave was very nice; he kept the time almost in the whole solo. That is real Brazilian drumming!! This stuff i have never heard in any other drummer, his skills are awesome, very fast, his double pedal is awesome and well used, what kind of coordination is that! I like him better than anyone because he is not just licks and chops. He has rhythm (and in the beginning he started playing some type of rhythmical stuff that i guess he made up). That is a real talent. I thought Tony roister was incredible but this kid is uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah at the end he does a kind of wear sticky on the tomes. I think the sticks are hitting something else than the heads! That is true but is incredible to keep that speed for 1 minute imaging what he did!! In addition, the kid has great groove and the one that does not hear it is not a musician (drummer).

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