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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
any suggested tracks? I worked through schism when it came out in modern drummer, and yeah , that ending is pretty much impossible.

I'm currently transcribing a song called Stink Fist I know nothing about. I like the groove, and it seems easier than schism.
OK, track suggestions for cool drumming:

Obvious difficult/flashy stuff: Solo on "46&2", fast endings to "Schism" and "The Grudge" (from about 8:00 onwards), ludicrous big-kit 7/4 stuff on "Ticks and Leeches", fills on "Sober".

Things I like more on a musical or tricksy front, mostly for phrasing or one of his regular tricks where he leaves the snare out of an intense section and then brings it back in to emphasise the release:

* "jimmy" from Aenima for nice control of space and odd times, gets more fun as things progress, particularly from around 3:00 onwards.

* "Pushit" has a whole lot to recommend it, although it's extremely long. The percussive section in the middle is an interesting use of drum electronics. The opening 12/8 groove has some nice hi-hat turnaround stuff. The instrumental break starting around 6:25 has some cute phrasing. The ending has some cool fills too, particularly from around 9:00 or so right up to the end.

* There's a lot of neat drum stuff on "The Patient" from Lateralus, which I think is otherwise a fairly average song. All the hi-hat stuff during the opening two minutes is pretty cute. And I really like the phrasing from around 5:30 through 6:15 or so.

* "Reflection" is nice for a big-kit groove, and also the whole Tim Alexander-style "build it until it explodes" approach. Sounds a lot like "Moving Pictures" era Rush with those samples though.. And when he finally breaks groove at around 7:25 it's very effective.
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