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Default Re: Bill Cobham the best drummer?

Originally Posted by DogBreath
Have you ever heard of "personal opinions"? In your friend's opinion, Cobham is the geatest, and therefore he is right. You feel different... and therefore your friend is wrong? Is he wrong about his favorite flavor of soda pop, too?

Before I say it, let's just make everything clear with everyone that there is no such thing as a greatest drummer. Or at least there hasn't been for the past 20 years lol *cough cough "Buddy" cough cough*.

But yes, just because his friend's opinion is that he is the greatest, doesn't make it right. If someone IS something then it is factual, not opinion based. If they THINK that person is, THEN it is opinion based. That's like saying if someone believes that apples are better than bananas, then they are. Lol, just thought I would try and clear that up.
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