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Default Re: Bill Cobham the best drummer?

Some of you make it sound like he's dead or somethin.' Actually he's been tearin' it up in Europe for the past 20 years, soundin' better than ever because he has 20 years of maturity and experiences to go with those chops. Us Americans sometimes forget there is this other world out there with butt kicking players, including some of our own guys who just get tired of our dog eat dog competition vibe. Now I think our competiveness is what makes American music very great. But it probably burns out alot of people too.

Guys like Cobham who wanted to be involved in more complete jazz projects are appreciated more in Europe than they are here. Here, he'd have to revamp his image and all that garbage before people would accept him changin' directions.

This isn't to say that he still wouldn't rise to the top in the states with his old audience, even with the rise of VC and Weckl, two guys that I think owe Cobham a great deal. But out there it just seems more pleasant for an artist, and I think a guy like him is entitled to somethin' like that.

These people who make such big deals about how he accidentally hits rims and such are out of their minds for bein' all wrapped up in that, because I think we drummers are the only people who even pay attention to all that.

Yeah had he stayed in the States, we would probably be lookin' at him as a giant god of drums instead of seein' him in a thread that brings some of that into question. Is he the greatest? I say no. Is he better than some of the drummers already mentioned here? I say yes. Is he a top guy who brought more than his share to the table? Certainly so.
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