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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by T.Underhill
What exactly do you mean by "Our version has to be as close as possible to 100% accurate, with the knowledge that 99% is probably not acceptable."?
Fortunately for Al, we all have good ears and are very persnickity in our approach to parts & sounds. But Al is this much more meticulous than we are, and has caught us a few times on something that we somehow missed. It's rare, but it does keep us on our toes. I said 99% because in hindsight I know there are a few instances where something wasn't 100% and somehow got by Al and us at the same time. However, on a literal level for me, 99% allows for at least one wrong note every 8 bars, and that would indeed be noticeable and unnacceptable to both me and Al. My accuracy is far better than that though, and while I may not always be 100%, I'm at least 99.9%. :)

I probably should have said "Our version has to be 100% accurate, but 99.9% is probably acceptable."

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