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Default Re: Travis Barker playing country

Originally Posted by Cannons
I have never been a Blink-182 or Travis Barker fan, but I don't indiscriminately bash him out of hand. I'm more indifferent than anything. That said, I thought his playing was mediocre and his style (looks, mechanics, gestures, etc.) were inappropriate to the song and the occasion. I did get a kick out of seeing a bunch of country stars happily singing along to the songs.

i can understand the arguments on his timing being off, or what ever else you want to throw in there, i mean if its off its off oh well, but to bring up the fact he looked odd has nothing to do with musicality or his skill... i didnt hear anything really off it sounded fine to me.. but then again maybe i need to train my ears more to what is being played.. so im not just a crazed fan saying hes not off time.. he could have been i just didnt notice it..
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