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Default For all you Bonham fans...

We all know of Bonham's amazing power and feel. Ah, gives me chills thinking what a drummer he was. But at first bonham was known as the Loud Studio Drummer...

. In 1964, Bonham joined his first band, Terry Webb and the Spiders, meeting his future wife Pat Phillips at a dance in Kidderminster. He also played in other Birmingham bands such as The Blue Star Trio and The Senators, who released a moderately successful single "She's a Mod". Bonham enjoyed the experience and decided to take up drumming full-time. Two years later, he joined "A Way of Life" however the band soon became inactive. In desperation for a regular income, he joined a blues group called Crawling King Snakes whose lead singer was a young Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin's lead singer). During this period, Bonham developed a reputation of being the loudest drummer in England, often breaking drumheads and being asked by clubs to stop playing. Asked to leave one Birmingham studio because he was too loud for the owner, he was told that there was no future for a drummer as loud as him. Ten years later, the owner received a note reading "Thanks for the career advice..."; and accompanied by a Led Zeppelin gold record. By 1967, A Way of Life asked Bonham to return to their group, during this period Plant kept in constant contact with Bonham and when he decided to form Band Of Joy, Bonham was first choice as drummer. The band recorded a number of demos but no album. In 1968 American singer Tim Rose toured Britain and invited Band of Joy to open his concerts. When Rose returned for another tour months later, Bonham was formally invited by the singer to drum for his band which gave him a regular income.

I just thought I had to share this for all of those drummer out there that get bashed for theyr stile of playing. Bonham could've payed attention to them and changed his stile, but that wasn't him. He just had to wait for the right time. Just remember to have the feel and groove, but most importantly the music in you... Ah, bonham what an amazing example and drummer for us all.

But now for the goodies! :)
(Later on I'll see if I can put up some other ones. Oh, and some of these might not have been used in the actual record.)
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