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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)


Ive got some questions,bud.
But first let me say "thank you" for the opportunity to speak to someone who works with the drums I most admire!

Now, my questions.
(sorry if they're silly...but damn i feel giddy!!!)

1.Im wondering what notes are stamped in Tommy's drum shells?
2.Do you tune his drums to a specific note?
3.I know you said the drum rack is bolted to the riser, but how do you keep the bass drums from sliding forward?
4. In the pics, what type of snare shell is that? It looks copper or bronze..,maybe even a Zildjian alloy annniversary snare?? But those aren't made by DW. They are noble and cooley.

5.Will you hate me if I keep pestering you with questions? :)

6. By any chance are you teching for Dave Lombardo's Slayer gig in montreal?

I can pretty much sum up how I feel with the opening lyric from Tommys Body Architects..
"Im starting from scratch!!!"
I play a vintage DW (pre timbre matching) 26kick 14,16,18 inch toms and Im shooting for his 94 era kit. Still working on the cymbals, I only managed the 20inch heavy bell ride.

Again, thank you for taking time out for this thread and thank you for the up close and personal approach!!!


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