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the footage from DW does no justice for Carey...It is such a poor example of what he can actualy do on the kit...I've always loved Tool, and the way they structure all their music...It's a breath of fresh air, from all the usual mainstream garbage...They are a very musical, dark, and powerfull band and thats what i like about them...It seems like most of their songs always build up and progress into the giant orgy of sound and fury, and it just hits me in a fantastic way...

FYI--Tool will not be at Modern Drummer Festival 2005...It will be Danny's side project Volto...From what I've heard on, they are gonna friggn rock the house down...All amazing musicians...

To add...There is almost no video you can get of Danny playing On-line or in stores...I have a bootleg from the Lateralus tour (Bakersfeild. CA) with pretty damn good picture and sound...He is nothing short of amazing on the kit live...
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