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tommy is KING!!
as far as im concerned thats the truth. if there was no tommy behind the drums neither would i be. now just cause he dosent play a 10 minute solo of all 32nd notes dosent mean hes not great. he didnt want to be the next neil peart. but he did want to put on a great show which he does every what if he does a tv show he does it cause he can and more power to him. in my mind tommy is greatness and my hero, everytime i hear the crue i wanna start palying till my arms fall off thats what tommy does to me as a music fan and a musician. im a big fan of rush and neil peart, but i dont wanna have a huge kit like that and be able to play as fast or intricate as him thats not my thing. my thing is to lay down a good beat that fits well in the song, and to have a good time doing it (live or jamming) being a drummer, infact being any kind of musician isnt about how talented you are its about the music you create.
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