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Default Re: tony royster jr

Originally Posted by DogBreath
Sadly, Tony Royster Jr. suffers from a mysterious medical condition where he actually ages as the years pass. Scientists are studying him very carefully in hopes of discovering more about this unexplained malady.
Aha.......ah, that was good.

Too few people realize that Tony is not a little kid anymore. Regardless of his age, he's a great drummer in several genres.

I recently met my art teacher, who taught from when I was about 8 years old to about 10 years old. He noticed that I was now 5' 11" instead of 4', and wearing a Metallica shirt, rather than that of Jurassic Park. He asked me, "Are you still doing art?". Of course, I told him that I did, and that my ultimate aspirations were for conceptual designs in movies, but I added that I recently began drumming and really enjoyed it, and that my involvment in art had diminished a good deal. To many people forget that children grow up, and that they change. Tony Royster jr. is no exception. Even though Tony still drums, realize that he has progressed, and will continue to do so. My art teacher always remembers me as the little boy who loved to sculpt, but the reality is, I am now a bit changed. We may remember Tony as the 12 year old whizkid drummer, but now, like me, he has changed.

- Marc
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