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you are entitled to your opinions of course. a lot of bands in those days were expert cover bands. ever read a rolling stones anthology? so i don't think you should judge them too harshly.
bonzo had a different talent topage and plant so i don't see how you could make that sort of statement. all 4 members of the band were immensely talented...just the ego's were different. it was the done thing for the singer to wolf the share of the lime light and page was a success before zep so he was also up there. bonzo and jones stood back and let their musicianship do the talking.
i also truly admire robert plant. he is a unique guy. creepy looking? alice cooper is creepy looking. looks have nothing to do with it. do me a favour and look up robert'ssolo projects post zep. he is a superb musician. 29 palms, ship of fools, what you trying to do to my heart?

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