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Originally Posted by nadslaing
I personally think Maynard is a genius. If not, he is definately the best vocalist out there. I don't get why some people don't like him? My friend pointed out to me (and upon doing research, I'll confirm it) that in Lateralus Maynard is using the fibonnacci (sorry bout the spelling) sequence when singing. Now if this isn't a work of a genius, what the hell is?!
I hate to say this, but Mudvayne are also pretty big into the whole "using allegedly occult number sequences to write rhythms" thing too. Sure, they ripped it off Tool. But you don't exactly have to be a genius to do it....

And I wouldn't rate him as the best vocalist out there either. I've seen some live videos where he's missing notes quite seriously, and he has a very limited style. But I do like him a lot, he's certainly been one of my favourites historically. I just don't rate either the new Tool album or the last Perfect Circle one, nothing like his best work on either of them.
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