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Default Re: Looking for a Skype Coach

I wanted to reiterate something about the lesson with Alex:

> I gave him a few topics I wanted to explore. Right before the lesson, I was emailed several sheets already written out that drill into the topics.

He really invested time in my lesson.

I can remember an advanced session I had with someone several years ago, and we weren't even writing anything down. He was just throwing concepts at me. I had to stop him and ask him for time to take some notes so that I would have a fighting chance of remembering what to practice After the rehearsal.

I have also explored Skype with some big U.S. names, and I basically got one word answers - as if they Really didn't want to work with an unimportant person like me.

Alex really puts into the lesson, with care, and you are left with materials you can work with. Really, really good materials. Somehow, he is doing this at a much lower rate than others doing Skype lessons out there.

Really glad I found Alex.
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