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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Real name? Alan

Age? 53

How long been playing? 40 years

Origin of user name? Movie star from the 1940's [my mom liked Alan Ladd]

Top 5 drummers? Buddy Rich, Casey Scheuerell, Billy Cobham, Terry Bozzio, Mel Lewis

make of drum kit?) Pearl & Slingerland

make of cymbal? Zildjan

where do you practice? In the garage

are you in a band/s? I rotate with other drummers in a church setting

covers or originals? Originals when outside church

What style of music? Jazz, R&B, Fusion

Favorite take out food? Mexican

Country? USA, Northern California

One really odd fact about yourself? I think they are all odd hehehe

How did you start drumming? Saw Ringo on Ed Sullivan in ‘64, then heard “Big Swing Face” with Buddy Rich in ’67. Studied with Casey Scheurell {Gino Vannelli, Jean-Luc Ponty] in the late ‘80’s and have kept going since then.