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Originally Posted by jamsjr44
I know I might catch flak for this but, Travis Barker is now where even close to being in the top 100 rock drummers of all time.

The solo was very basic and boring.
umm yea actually i've already looked that up he #80 on the top 100 list. neil peart is number 1. but he is ranked. i do like travis a lot but i do not think he is the best. love him or hate him you have to give him credit, he has made blink 182 a lot better, he's been taking lessons since he was 4 and some of those lessons were jazz lessons. his marching drum abilities are really good as well, i have seen a clip of that. i have seen a lot of solo's of him, some are good, some are ok, some are crap. but i can't stand to read of how people say that he stinks, hes not a top 100 drummer, and all that crap. IMO and i could care less of what others think, it's people like him that inspire young people to start drumming. i think he is good but not nearly the best, he is fast, but not the fastest. i like the guy but im not one of those people who says he is God and all that stuff.
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